Episode S1.2 : A career journey from Biology to Economics and Finance

Welcome to the Episode S1.2 of the STEM Professionals Chat!

iSTEMCare welcomes you all to the 2nd Episode of the STEM Professionals Chat! In this episode, we are in conversation with Dr. Ritu Singh who undertook a unique career transition in life sciences i.e. from B.Tech. in Biotechnology to Master’s in Business Administration in Finance and Human Resources. Dr. Singh further did her  Ph.D. in Finance with a special focus on the financial inclusion of rural people. The episode has a special emphasis on thought processes during career transitions, as well as the key learnings and challenges faced by Dr. Singh.  The episode is hosted by:  Dr. Pawan Upadhyay   & Anurag Srivastava, MS

Key learnings

  1. What were key factors which influenced and motivated her for an early career transition?
  2. What was the response from family members & her peer group while making such a transition?
  3. How did she evolve her pedagogy?
  4. How did she integrate her special interest in movies in her teaching?
  5. How difficult was teaching students online during the pandemic?
  6. How did she apply the financial principle in her life?

About Dr. Ritu Singh

Dr. Ritu Singh, an assistant professor of Finance and Management at the Babu Banarsi Das University (BBD), Lucknow, India. She started her journey with a B.Tech in Biotechnology and earned a Master in Business Administration. Thereafter, she joined BBD University as a lecturer in the Finance department. Later, Dr. Singh graduated with a Ph.D. degree from the Department of Management, BBD University, Lucknow, India where she worked on the financial inclusion of rural people. 

Video Interview on YouTube

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Ritu’s tips for successful career!

When you give 100%, even if the results are not up to the mark, you will be satisfied, as you have given your best, the result will come your way

Discuss with your seniors and they will show the way.

Watching a movie can improve the perspective as well as help to improve the language, every language has four parts: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Read good books, improve your writing, don’t refrain from reading novels. Watching a good English movie improves your English pronunciation, delivery.

Being open to all kinds of ideas, learning a language is not difficult while watching movies, keep a dictionary, it will improve your diction. I inspire students to watch movies from a different perspective. I never discourage students from watching movies. Movies can open your mind.

I follow a minimalist approach in financial spending. But I don’t force other people to follow, every person has a different minimalist threshold. It is important to make them aware of it

Thank you, Ritu!

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