Sumit Bhutada (Volunteer, iSTEMcare)


Response – Podcast team member

Q2: How long have you volunteered for iSTEMCare?

Response – Less than 6 months

Q3: What do you find most rewarding about volunteering with iSTEMCare?

Response – Networking with Scholistic people

Q4: What is your favorite program/event within iSTEMCare?

Response – STEM Professionals Chat

Q5: What about you…would you like to share that people may not know?

Response – cryptocurrency enthusiast

Q6: What 3 traits define you?

Response – Honest, Humble and Easy going

Q7: Where can people connect with you?

Spotlight Team

Motion Graphics: Isha Parlikar and Tausif Ahmed Sayed

Content Editing: Priya Mehta and Vanndita Bahl  

Social Media Post: Karthick Raj S M K and Nikita Nimbark

Concept: Pawan Upadhyay

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